Doubling annual revenue for the last five years, closing a $300 million deal, and becoming "The Taxman"

Vincenzo Villamena, Episode 028

Founder, OnlineTaxMan

I am the founder of Online Taxman, specializing in International Accounting & Tax Services for Expats who want straightforward and transparent solutions. Online Taxman professional CPAs help you navigate the confusing world of Expat Taxes, ensuring you IRS compliance and maximized returns.

If you're a Corporate Expat, International Startup Founder, Military Contractor, or just a US Expat living abroad, please go to to get a Free Consultation. 

I have served various roles in Financial Services and Private Equity. Starting out at PwC, I advised the firm's premier private equity and corporate clients on their complex accounting issues, where I was able to gain first hand experience in dealing with tax implications in M&A's and IPO's. 

My experiences at PwC prepped me for the playing an integral role in at Pegasus Blue Star Fund, where I helped close $300MM in funds for healthcare technology investments. Additionally, my focuses included investment due diligence and negotiations, where I performed complex deal structure evaluations and executed transactions. 

I started to do Expat Accounting & Tax Services in 2005 to help out a few close Expat Friends with their taxes. 9 years later with 700+ happy clients around the world, Online TaxMan has become the go to source for International Tax Support. 

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