Fighting her way to national & international kickboxing titles + empowering others to stand confidently and "fight"

Lisa Van Ahn, Episode 027

Founder & CEO, Girl Country; Co-Founder & CEO, BODYReDESIGN; Founder & CEO, LVAFitness

As a child I was called a “day dreamer”. I grew up an unpopular, bullied teen and I often dreamt about running away, or worse. I found kickboxing in my early 20′s. It was then I discovered my inner strength and inherent value. I didn’t need to give up or hide any longer. I realized I’d been trying to escape my own self-loathing and crippling fears of unworthiness.

Now I'm 40 years old and living young. It's true. I'm inspired and motivated to share what I’ve learned to make a positive difference in the world. The years I’ve lived and the experiences I’ve had have made up who I am. This includes many moving parts, a few projects, and lots of innovations.

The common thread that runs through everything I do is; How can I use my experiences plus what I know and believe about living well to help others live well.

Check out Lisa's most recent work the the I AM Initiative at Girl Country

Lisa Kickin'

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