Fight Night: Oscar De La Hoya vs. Mario Lopez for Charity vision + Jimmy Fallon on Mitt Romney boxing Evander Hollyfeild to grow sustainable non-profit work.

Doug Jackson, Episode 029

CEO, CharityVision

Graduated from BYU with a BS in Finance and a MAcc. He currently lives in Provo Utah with his family

For the last 12 years has been the President and CEO of Charity Vision International a non-profit organization focused on restoring curable sight impairment in people of developing nations. They focus on empowering local physicians and creating a sustainable solution to the blindness epidemic.

Charity Vision (under the name Deseret International) was started by Doug's father 30 years ago to empower surgeons around the world to help the poor in their countries and help give them a better life. Doug has continued that mission and brought Charity Vision to 25 countries.

Doug has been working with people around the world to help provide relief to thousands of people. Part of his goal is to help the people of the countries he visits help themselves. Giving local doctors the tools, facilities and supplies needed to continue helping those in need even after Doug has returned home.


And below is some of the background and recent work of Charity Vision

Jess Larsen