Our Sr. Advisors come from diverse backgrounds but have at least one thing in common, they rose to the top of the top of their field. The historical positions they have held are shown below.

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Myelin's Sr. Advisors: 

"Only those who have done, teach at Myelin"



Jess Larsen

    • Mergers & Acquisitions, Citigroup

    • As 28yr old CEO raised $27m for own Private Equity/Growth Capital Fund 
    • Founded 12 businesses & 501(c)3 Charity called Child Rescue.





    Peter D.

      • Operator, Army Special Mission Unit

      • Naval Special Warfare, SWCC


      Jeff T.

        • Lt. Col. Ret., Army Special Mission Unit

        • Army Special Forces
        • Army Rangers


        Dan I.

        • Operator, Army Special Mission Unit


        Tom B.

        • Operator, Army Special Mission Unit

        • Army Rangers


        Steven T.

          • Col. Ret, 23yrs Air Force Intelligence
          • DIA, Chief JRIP PMO


          Matt B.

          • Director, Space Dynamics Lab

          • 32yrs "Three Letter National Security Institution" Assistant Director, previously Director, President's Daily Brief


          Donnie M.

            • 22yrs FBI Hostage Negotiator, SWAT & Counter Intelligence

            • Air Force


            AMANDA R.

            • Continued "Government Work" 
            • 12yrs Marine Corp


            Josh H.

            • Continued "Government Work" 
            • Army Rangers


            Eric L.

            • Continued "Government Work" 
            • Army Rangers





            Nelson Soares

            • 25+yrs Wall Street investment banking
            • Managing Director, Credit Suisse
            • Managing Director, Lehman Brothers


            Josh Soloway

              • NY securities lawyer for $bn+ funds PWC

              • Led $2bn in fundraising  
              • currently licensed investment banker


              Lindsay Hadley

                • Founding Partner of The Laudato Si’ Challenge, the first ever Vatican blessed social impact fund

                • Producer of End oF Polio Concert - (Raised $118 million for polio eradication)

                • Producer of multiple years of Global Citizen Festival -  (Yr 1 raised $500m + additional $800m committed, next years were bigger)


                Taimur Jamil

                  • Founder Sol-Wind renewables fund

                  • Director, Merrill Lynch
                  • VP, Moodys



                  Jay Davis

                    • Youtube creator/producer with over 150 million views
                    • Entrepreneur 


                    Chad Lott

                      • Fortune 500 copywriter

                      • High Level Blogger
                      • Podcast Creator & Host


                      Joseph Knoop

                      • Influencer with 3.4 million followers
                      • US Navy Rescue Swimmer
                      • Volunteer Firefighter


                      PRO ATHLETES

                      Lance Allred

                      • Played with LeBron James on Cleveland Cavaliers as the first legally deaf player in the NBA
                      • TED Talk 4.6 million views
                      • Bestselling Author


                      Brad Mills

                      • New Jersey Devils
                      • Chicago Blackhawks
                      • Yale Hockey Team
                      • Director, Business Development 


                      BJ Larsen

                      • Buffalo Bills
                      • Mfg & Tech OPEX/CI Expert



                      Steve Wolfe

                      • 25 yrs VP Midstream $10bn Energy Company, (Grew his operations division form $300m to over $1bn, including OPEX/CI)


                      Jonathan Kennedy

                      • Health Care OPEX/CI, 4.1 million client organization
                      • Manufacturing OPEX/CI, Tesco
                      • Energy, OPEX/CI (now REPSOL)


                      Aaron Vigil

                      • OPEX/CI Boeing 737 fuselage production
                      • OPEX/CI Chiobani Foods
                      • OPEX/CI Glambia Foods
                      • OPEX/CI Conagra Foods