Elite Performace

Myelin's Sr. Advisors who are former Operators & Operatives from the most elite Special Ops & Intel units that the US Government has ever trained, work together with our other Subject Matter Experts to help our Senior Executive Clients improve their own staff into more of an elite performance organization. 



The deeper human elements of innovation, leadership & mastery. 

When is comes to leading groups of humans there are age old issues none of our teams are exempt from. The most elite performance organizations at the classified levels of the US Special Operations Command have decades of experience and still bring in Subject Matter Experts on a near constant basis to help them identify opportunities to help their organization reach higher and higher levels. They then help them design systems for their teams out innovate obstacles,  take ultimate responsibility in leadership roles and employ meaningful repetitions until uncommon levels of mastery are reached.  

Myelin's model is the same. Bring in uncommonly high achievers to help leaders identify opportunities and then co-design the programs to    


Spec Ops & Intel 2


Valuable Advisor Model 


Spec Ops & Intel 3


Meaningful Repitions Model 


Spec Ops & Intel 4


Innvoation Remix Model


Spec Ops & Intel 5


Thought Leader Marketing Model


Spec Ops & Intel 6


Shingo Model

Operational Excellence & Continuous Improvement 


Spec Ops & Intel 7



Please call for more details. All prices are +plane ticket and hotel if needed.

Sprint Package - $62,995 / month

When immediate intense help is needed all day everyday. The Sprint Package includes a rotation of Sr. Advisors, with at least one on site every work day of the month. Ideal for merger integrations, crisis situations, natural disaster recovery, turnarounds or other uncommon situations. 


Operational Excellence / Continuous Improvement Year - $14,4995 / month    

Myelin officially licenced to teach the Shingo Model made famous by the Shingo Prize which Business Week magazine has called "The Nobel Prize of Manufacturing". After 30 years it has now been applied to healthcare, energy, finance and many other industries saving literally billions to the bottom line with out discouraging staff.  


Leadership Development Year - $4,995 / month

Ideal for helping a team of leaders (groups of 10 -20) develop the deeper human elements of innovation, leadership & mastery habits in their staff. 


Executive Advisory - $1,495 / month

One on one strategy calls four times per month with your Sr. Advisor formerly of one of the elite Special Ops or Intel units. 


Workshops & Keynote Speeches- Custom Pricing

Please let us know: when, for how many people, how much you we hoping to pay and we will let you know what we can do for that budget.