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1) $750,000 Year, $250,000 Single or DIY: Influential Leader Challenge

2) Shingo Institute Workshops:

(Discover Excellence, Cultural Enablers, Continuous Improvement, Enterprise Alignment & Results or Build Excellence)

1) $750,000 yr, $250,000 single or DIY: Influential Leader Challenge 



The Influential Leader Challenge comes in three different flavors each with their own price.

The $750K Influential Leader Challenge (Year): is a 12 month program for 30 leaders priced at $52,500 (+ travel if needed).

The $250K Influential Leader Challenge (Single): is an 8 month program for 10 leaders priced at $17,500 (+ travel if needed).

Not mandatory but additionally available the DIY Influential Leader Challenge Facilitator Training: 3 day in person course priced at $2,995 per participant (+travel if needed).

The DIY Influential Leader Challenge: is the same 8 month program as the single above but taught by your own leaders and is priced as follows: (Volume discounts are calculated based on the number of annual memberships purchased)

Number of Annual Memberships Purchased: Price Per Membership (annual price)

1-19: $20/month ($240 annually)

20-49: $16/month ($192 annually)

50-99: $12/month ($144 annually)

100-249: $8/month ($96 annually)

250-499: $5/month ($60 annually)

500-999: $3/month ($36 annually)

1000 - 2,499: $2.50/month ($30 annually)

2500-4,999: $2.25/month ($27 annually)

5,000-9,999: $2/month ($24 annually)

10,000-24,999: $1.75/month ($21 annually)

25,000-49,999: $1.50/month ($18 annually)

50,000-99,999: $1.25/month ($15 annually)

100,000+: $1/month ($12 annually)

What is it?

The $750K Influential Leader Challenge is made up of 3 cohorts of 10 leaders each taking the $250k challenge. Each of the three cohorts starts 2 months after the following cohort so that all 3 cohorts finish with in a year, and have generated $750,000+ of extra revenue or documented savings for the organization.

The DIY Influential Leader Challenge is the same as the $250k challenge but taught by your own leaders instead of a Sr. Advisor from Myelin.

The $250K Influential Leader Challenge:

The challenge is to see if the leaders can practice and then implement advanced influence skills called the CSI Method including elements pioneered by FBI Hostage Negotiators and Harvard Professors to influence their direct reports into becoming more of a high performance team and generate at least $25,000 of new revenue or documented savings over the last 6 months of the challenge, (10 leaders x a minimum of $25k each = The $250k Challenge).

The additional constraints of the challenge are that the extra $25,000+ of value:

  1. Cannot be by the team just working harder, it has to be by becoming more of a high performance team, working smarter or achieving a higher level of mastery or finding efficiencies, they have to be habits and sustainable gains that won’t disappear after the challenge is over

  2. The leader cannot do the work for the team, it has to be the teams performance that has risen by the influence not extra hours of the leader, and

  3. The leader has to accomplish this in a away the the team members are proud of themselves and like their job better at the end of challenge then they did at the beginning.

It is an 8 month program for up to 10 leaders.

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What do the leaders do over the course of the challenge?

For the first 8 weeks they meet together weekly for 2.5 hrs to practice the skills. For the following six months they use the skills wiht their team and meet back together once a month for 2.5 hrs to report their progress and strategize the next month. The monthly reports are then forwarded to the leader boss as well as Sr. Executives of the organization if desired. Additionally the leaders in the course have a mid week check in with their “Strategy Advisor” they are paired up with from the program.

For the first 8 weeks the 2.5 hr sessions typically begin with 30 min of class discussion about that weeks new element of the skill set. The next 45 min half the class acts as a “Strategy Advisor” to the leader they are paired up with and helps them as they design and refine how they plan to accomplish the six month challenge. The next 45 min the those who were Advisors are now advised (this is a different class member then who they advised). The last 30 min includes a class discussion of what they figured out this week and what they plan to improve for the next time they advise someone and ends with a written assessment of themselves and their plan for progress over the next week.

Also on week 5 the leaders design how they intend to influence their team to build the high performance habits and find their own efficiencies. Before week 6 then run this plan past their boss. Before week 7 they meet with their team to invite them to help shape the plan. Before week 8 they launch the plan with their team and at week they share with advisor how the launch went well and what could have been better that they plan to address this first month.

The 2.5 hr sessions for the following six months typically include a 30 min group discussion of what went well last month and what their main obstacles are in reaching their numbers as well as refreshers on the elements of the influence skills. Followed by 45 min of half the class reporting on last month and planning next month with their Strategy Advisor. Then 45 min roles are reversed. The Last 30 min is once again group discussion of learning’s and future plans and written self-assessment.

  • FAQ: Does the leader have the same Advisor through the whole course?

  • Answer: Typically we recommend keeping the same Advisor for the first 4 months then switching of the last 4. In our experience the consistency of having the same advisor for a number of months generates a level of trust similar to what we are hoping the leaders will be able to continue to grow with their direct reports over the challenge. The reason fo the change at month 4 is from the reverse benefit of new lessons learned both form having a different advisor and experiencing how they do things differently as well as having a different leader to advise.

What elements are practiced?

Week 1) High-Performance Teams & Compound Excellence

Introducitons hat are we here for ? and what do you want. U-pot , HPT , EE, CE

Week 2) The CSI Method

While it would be cooler if CSI stood for Crime Scene Investor, at Myelin it stands for Clarify, Slowdown & Excavate. It is the scaffolding that all the other elements are attached to.

Week 3) Tactical Empathy and 80/20 Listening

FBI Awesomeness, Dali Llama, Brene Brown,

Week 4) Cardboard Cutouts, Merit Badges and Spotting Imposter Syndrome

Billionaires, and all of the rest of us too

Week 5) The Myelin Map

400yrs, fasts experts experts

Week 6) The Ultimate Responsibility Radio

Viktor Frankl, Martin Buber and the unfair competitive advantage fo being “dialed in

Week 7) Skills Consolidation

putting it all together

Week 8) The CSI Method

While it would be cooler if CSI stood for Crime Scene Investor, at Myelin it stands for Clarify, Slowdown & Excavate. It is the scaffolding that all the other elements are attached to.