Myelin's Innovation Remix Model works to help leaders and thier teams to find "sparks" for their own innovations.

Our primary method is to directly interview high achievers, authors, in the trenches entrepreneurs and other specialists to find out what patterns of success they've discovered and how the rest of us can implement aspects of their patterns to reach our own goals.


The fundamental conceptscombine three main concepts, radical collaboration, liquid networks & remix mashups.

Inspired by Design Thinking classes our founder took at Stanford's “D.School” in Palo Alto and also though 99u at IDEO's NYC office, specifically the concept of Radical Collaboration (described below) the Ideation Collective is our attempt to create a digital version of what Steven Johnson calls a“ liquid network”. Basically a place for good ideas to bump into each other, and hopefully ignite some radical collaboration while recognizing that everything is a remix standing on the shoulders of those who have come before.

Radical Collaboration:

The upside of specialization is often achievement, the downside is often group-think, aka “the enemy of innovation”.

Invented by IDEO and taught at Stanford University's D.School, radical collaboration is an element of Design Thinking methodology.

Radical Collaboration- Image by Hasso Plattner Institute of Design

Radical Collaboration- Image by Hasso Plattner Institute of Design

Liquid Networks:

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Radical Collaboration Bring together innovators with varied backgrounds and viewpoints. Enable breakthrough insights and solutions to emerge from the diversity.

Learn more about the www.dschool.stanford.edu


"Every idea is fundamentally a network of ideas," Johnson says. "When you create an environment that allows the kinds of serendipitous connections to form, [innovative ideas] are more likely to happen." - Steven Johnson

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Original Re-mix's

New York Best Selling, genius author and artist Austin Kleon wrote the most amazing book any creator has ever read (ok well its my favorite at least).

It gives creators permission to relax and be themselves. To start being honest that nobody creates great things "from nowhere". Also it teaches the difference between "good stealing" & "bad stealing"

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Go drink the greatness at: AustinKleon.com

Once you understand that all greatness is only possible by standing on the shoulders of those who have come before you can harness the tools

and patterns highlighted in Kirby Ferguson's video series:

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Our Founder, Jess Larsen

In addition to founding Ideation Collective, Mr. Larsen is currently a Co-Founding Partner at a Manhattan based asset management firm.

Previously he was Co-founder & CEO of an investment fund that provided growth capital to energy companies.

He has served as a Director at an international management consulting firm, where his clients included Microsoft, Oracle, and US Special Operations Command. Mr. Larsen began his career in mergers and acquisitions at Citigroup and has co-founded multiple businesses and a nonprofit called Child Rescue Association .org that works to combat child trafficking.

Contact: Jess@IdeationCollective.com

To hire Jess directly for consulting, coaching, or speaking opportunities please email him at the address above.

Click here to see the work Child Rescue Association .org is doing to save children from child traffickers.