Win a really great audiobook for free from our show sponsor Berrett-Koehler







We love Audiobooks & we are big Ed SChien Fans.

This month BK is letting us give away 25 copies of their audiobook "Humble Consulting" by MIT Professor, World Renown Consultant and Best Selling Author Ed Schein. 

We love his other books too, especially "Humble Inquiry"  an this new one was so practical in applying those same principals to help more and do it faster in an unexpected way that we were happy when BK let us choose this one to give away. (Comes as an audiobook).

Here is how you win one of the 25 copies:

For this month we want to hear why you believe being extra considerate and listening first instead of telling gets a way better result then would have happened other wise.

Your chances of winning go up if you can supply a story that you saw or that you were apart of where that happened. Example: somebody took your advice who wouldn't have if you just told them what to do, a program solved a real problem instead of only the surface level issue that would have been solved if you just barreled ahead, you woudl have put you foot in you mouth in a big way and offend them if you hadn't asked first, but since you did listen you were able to save the situation. 


More Background

After 200 episodes of our show and probably zero interviews with out talking about our favorite audiobooks you can guess we were very happy to have BK reach out and not only offer to become a sponsor but also give us 25 audible audiobooks each month to give to our listeners free .

It has been a little bit like a kid in a candy shop helping since they are letting us pick our favorites to give out. 

We hope you like them as much as we do.