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Episode 214, Dave Rutter

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Dave Rutter

David Rutter is a pioneer in electronic financial markets innovation. Over the past 30 years he has played a leading role in the evolution from voice to electronic trading. 

David is the founder and CEO of R3 a cryptofinance, exchanges, and venture group empowering the next generation of financial services innovation. Working side by side with global financial institutions, technologists and vendors, the goal is to help introduce evolutionary solutions which are capable of transforming the modern financial markets ecosystem.

The R3 portfolio includes a project to test blockchain technology, supported by a group of the largest global banks, and LiquidityEdge LLC, a peer-to-peer directly disclosed trading venue for US Treasuries.

David’s wide network of senior industry relationships, 30 years of experience leading some of Wall Street’s top institutions & deep market knowledge provide unique access & insight to R3’s clientele. 
He previously served as CEO of Electronic Broking at ICAP Plc, the world’s largest interdealer broker, leading the BrokerTec fixed income and EBS foreign exchange platforms, two of the largest electronic OTC platforms in the world. 

Prior to ICAP, David was co-owner of Prebon Yamane, serving in various roles such as CEO, Americas; Global Head of e-Commerce; & CEO, Prebon Energy. He serves on the boards of Singapore Exchange (SGX-BT), Green Key Technologies, & Enso Financial Management. 

David is a dedicated philanthropist and a member of “The Well” created to underwrite the operating costs of Charity:Water after completing a mission in Ethiopia. He supports a number of charities which focus on Multiple Sclerosis, Downs Syndrome research and advanced education as well as serving on the Dean’s Advisory Council at the Villanova School of Business. David received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Villanova University.

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