Over $1 Billion in Real Estate - Cameron Gunter

Episode 202, Cameron Gunter

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Cameron Gunter

Humility opens doors that brute force cannot. Cameron Gunter found a surprising way to change his entire business after finding new methods from unlikely sources. Cameron shared how a $30 million deal turned his career around, leading to the creation of PEG Development (Property Enhancement Group).

“I think humility should be a competitive advantage for everybody. I think it opens up more doors and makes..If you are able to absorb from other people- …. Smarter people than you. Whether you think you’re smarter or not, that I think it really just opens up your mind to a lot of other opportunities to evaluate and implement different strategies.”

Over the last 15 years, PEG has raised over $300 million. Cameron says his competitive advantage is quite simple: He is willing to learn from anybody and everybody. Couple flexibility with the deep belief in the importance of relationships and you have a glimpse of the way he manages his business.

“So if you don’t feel like you’re listened to, then why do you care to do business? Am I right? You need to feel appreciated. We all need to feel appreciated. Not that we or any of us are struggling for attention. But there’s some level of appreciation that we all need as human beings.”

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