Insights From Selling My Company to Tech Giant Adobe for $1.8 billion - John Pestana

Episode 196, John Pestana

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John Pestana

“It’s not just business, it’s all personal.” John Pestana tells us how he started his career as a teenager programming his dad’s HP financial calculator and eventually co-founded two of the most successful data collection agencies in the world.

As an entrepreneur, he believes empathy and delegation are the foundations of his success. Through empathy for those around him, John creates a culture of productivity and positivity. Through delegation, he uses his strengths and surrounds himself with those who fill his holes.

Especially within the entrepreneur world where ideas come and go, businesses spark and then dim, relationships must be prioritized. You can take an idea anywhere if you have the right team to float it.

“It's amazing how hard it is to start a company, to get customers on-boarded, to deal with, you know, the interactions of customers, with employees, with just everybody involved and keeping everybody happy. I, I joke a lot that it's like trying to keep a rock band together, you know? Here, you're just trying to keep everybody moving the ship forward, just keep the band together. And that's one of the keys to success.”

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