Hacking The Impossible - Jonathan Cutrell

Jonathan Cutrell, Episode #149

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Jonathan Cutrell, Director of Technology at Whiteboard, Developer, and Host of Developer Tea

My ultimate goal and mission in life is to teach others how to empower their impossible goals. (That may sound really heady if you’re like me, but go try to write your own mission statement – it’s not easy.)

The reality is, we often accidentally limit ourselves. Whether you suffer from impostor syndrome or you have a hard time deciding what to learn next – maybe you can’t estimate very well, or maybe you struggle with the poison of cynicism.

You aren’t alone!

I started Developer Tea and Hacking the Impossible (this blog) to forge a path with you to cut through the noise. About a year after I started Developer Tea, I met Brian Lovin and Bryn Jackson of Design Details fame, and we all decided to start Spec together to help designers and developers level up.

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