The Crowdfunding Platform Where Everyone is an Angel Investor - Republic - Ken Nguyen


Episode #159, Ken Nguyen

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Ken Nguyen

Ken is the Founder and CEO of Republic

Republic is an investment platform where everyone can invest as little as $10 in innovative startups curated by our team.

Republic was founded and built by AngelList alumni who believe angel investors are the catalysts to change in the world. We are more than a platform – we are a community empowering founders and giving everyone the chance to be an angel investor.

Become an angel investor: Find the business ideas you believe in and invest in innovations that shape social change and drive economic value.

Apply to fundraise on Republic: Raise operating dollars from your most passionate customers, pitch your business to new supporters, and build a powerful team of brand ambassadors.

Our mission is to help innovative companies drive growth, while creating investment opportunities open to everyone.

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