Alex Goryachev - Cisco Innovation Centers Managing Director


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Alex Goryachev

From Linkedin:

For more than 20 years, I’ve made it my business to turn disruptive concepts into emerging business models. Some people call me an entrepreneurial go-getter. I like to take risks, think ahead, and make way for innovation. It’s all about my passion to create a strategy and then drive it home to “get things done.” 

I’m currently applying this passion at Cisco. Along the way, I’ve defined and operationalized several high-profile Cisco initiatives, including the company’s Country Transformation plan for key emerging markets. I’ve also held senior roles in Development, Marketing, Finance, and Sales, providing me with a 360 view of how a great company ticks.

Currently, I’m the company’s Director of Innovation Strategy. Yes, another opportunity to do all things innovation. I’m a lucky guy, and it’s an amazing ride!

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