A Behind the Curtain's look at One of the World’s Most Innovative and Effective Start Up Accelerator

Jack A. Donenfeld, Episode #89/90

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Co-Founder/General Counsel/Mentor at BoomTown Accelerator

Boomtown is a Boulder, Colorado-based startup accelerator that helps emerging companies develop their businesses with the resources they need most, including seed capital, a world-class curriculum, skilled mentors and a seasoned leadership team that is passionate about entrepreneurs. In addition to providing a substantial foundation for success, Boomtown's program culminates in an investor "demo day", when Boomtown companies showcase their businesses and make important investor connections.

Based on the impressive fundraising success and increasing valuations of its graduates, Boomtown has become one of the most selective startup accelerators anywhere. And it continues to evolve to support startups and their founders. In addition to helping emerging internet, mobile, software and technology companies, Boomtown now partners with over 1,100 multi-specialty physicians with Colorado Permanente Medical Group to cultivate ideas, nurture products and services and provide new companies with the resources they need in order to develop businesses that can have a positive impact on health and wellness around the world.

BoomTown's Portfolio of StartUps!

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