What You Need to Know to Build a Community of Influencers

Ken Frei and Trent Mano, Episode #66/67

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Founders of Convoi

Ken is an experienced entrepreneur and technology leader. He’s founded 2 successful startups and currently leading the content product team at Pluralsight, the world leader in online technology learning.

He’s an expert in crafting company vision and rallying team members to execute on that vision. He’s passionate about storytelling and motivating people to action. A strong believer in continuous learning and personal improvement. Passionate with the discovery process of talking to customers and building products that delight them and solving problems.

He’s an experienced public speaker and often gives trainings, seminars, and webinars to individuals and organizations on a wide range of topics including: Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Leadership, Product Development, User Experience Design, and other various business topics.

Personal hobbies and passions are athletics, the outdoors, spending time with his family, and public speaking.

Trent, from Sale’s Representative at Summit Financial Marketing to being a Board Member at the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Trent has a lot of experience in the business industry. He’s made it where he is today by simply caring for his clients. He helps them align their behaviors and their goals to help them create and maintain Financial Security.

His goal is simply to help others achieve theirs.

They both now work on their latest project, Convoi, An intersection of tech and entrepreneurship. A community of Utah's innovators. Bringing people and ideas together to advance the greater Eco-system.

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