Get Your Foot in the Door and End up Owning a Company

Jordan Avner, Episode #63/64

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Owner & Obstacle Remover at Corporate Movement

Like many websites, was started by a need. Our customer, let’s call her “Jane," came to us with a problem. Jane needed promotional items but wanted a unique logo for each of her company's 150 different locations. She also knew she didn’t want the cheapest items available, but instead, quality items for the best price to fit within her budget. We set out to find a solution to Jane’s problem and realized there wasn’t a way to compile small orders to get big order prices. So, what else were we to do but build one? And thus, the GroupBuy system was born.

Promotional marketing is needed in every industry to strengthen brand recognition. However, purchasing promotional items can be quite costly. And what happens if a company needs to buy items with several different logos, like Jane's? The GroupBuy system has been designed to solve those problems, and help companies of any size boost business through promotional items that will WOW their audience.

Whether you have an upcoming vendor fair, fundraising marathon, music festival or community event, we want to help you reach your audience on a personal level.

-The Corporate Movement Team

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