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Larsen, a 6-foot-5, 275-pound College Graduate, represents one of those feel-good stories of an athlete overlooked at the high school level who blossomed into a collegiate success.

After not having any offers for college ball, he decided his football career was over, so he started a new chapter in his life by serving an LDS mission in Arkansas, where he spent most of his time eating. "I put on a ton of weight and when I came back home, I thought I might be able to play college ball," he said. "I was thinking of going to Utah State and I knew the program was on the rise anyway, so it was a good situation for me."

Turns out it was a good situation for the Aggies, too, since they were looking for some depth along the line. After redshirting in 2010 and earning some playing time in 2011, Larsen had his breakthrough year in 2012 — when he finished with 19 tackles including four sacks and had three QB hurries.

Not only his talent, but his work ethic, has made Larsen a special player, Utah State coach Matt Wells said. "He's a self-made man," Wells said. "The guy's a man out there every week. He plays through pain. He's a tremendously tough kid. When we talk about field corn in our building and kids that are no-maintenance and tough, that's B.J."

Larsen said he takes pride not in his stats, but what the team has been able to do as a whole. He knew the Aggies had a good defense and he wanted to make sure he contributed to it, not hampered it, during his career. "I think we held up our part this year and that's satisfying," he said. "Being here has been a great experience, especially the way we've all rallied together."

Article by Salt Lake Tribune

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