A Whole Foods Copywriter Reveals His Unexpected Sources of Inspiration

Chad Lott, #56/57

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Regional (Senior) Copywriter & Editor at Whole Foods Market

Chad excels at translating creative brand strategies into engaging, meaningful and often hilarious copy. His contributions are critical to the success of Whole Foods Market's in-store campaigns, ads, direct mail, social media and so much more. 

He's the quintessential copywriter, a treasure trove of random factoids on just about every subversive topic you could think of. 

Most of all, he’s a passionate and thorough researcher who brings a unique voice to any brainstorming session. Despite the latest buzzword, trend or hot new executive idea, Chad has the uncanny ability to keep everyone grounded and focused on the customer experience above all, making him a tremendous asset.

Chad began a year long daily blog writing challenge on February 16th, 2016 and hasn't missed a day since --> chadfredlott.com

Jess Larsen