The competitive advantage of experience design, Baya Voce

Baya Voce, Episode 005

Relationship Curator

Baya's business journey started as a cast member on MTV's The Real World (weirdest place to start out in business... ever). With Beyonce-like swagger (but for real, she's been nicknamed #bayonce), Baya transformed her TV exposure into a speaking & business career. Starting out as a matchmaker, she turned her cunning skills for matching into teaching people how you build and maintain powerful relationships, because let's be real, you can barely puddle jump across a one-foot pond without awesome connections.

She lives by the belief that your network is is your net worth and that the quality of your relationships equals the quality of her life.

If she looks familiar it's most likely not from her MTV days and probably from her regular segment on ABC as Salt Lake City's Relationship Specialist. When she's not memorizing bad rap lyrics, she's hosting Secret SLC, researching Emotional Intelligence, studying Positive Psychology, Body Language, NLP & mentoring under intimacy experts. Can't get enough? Visit her site at

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