From startup to $100 Million in revenue, to startup again

Johnny Hanna, Episode #40

CEO and Co-Founder,

Johnny Hanna is CEO and Co-Founder of, a start-up that is automating the home buying and selling process. Prior to Homie, Johnny was President and Co-Founder of Entrata (fka - Property Solutions) where he spent 12 years changing the face of the apartment industry. He had a focus on Sales and Client Services, creating lasting relationships with both clients and co-workers. Johnny's greatest accomplishment so far is not helping the company grow to over 100 million in revenue, but his 9 year marriage to his wife Paige Hanna, who he credits for his success. She still loves him despite the long work trips and late nights on the phone. His hobbies include jumping on trampolines, pushing swings, throwing water balloons, and anything else he can do with his five little boys, ages 7, 6, 5, 3, and 1, with another little baby on the way. He is unabashedly passionate about his time spent at BYU-Idaho, being a part of it's first graduating class as a four year university.

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