Crowdfunding over $1,000,000 + connecting with high profiles like Steve Wozniak

Eli Regalado, Episode #33

Founder, Launch Lab

Eli Regalado is a serial entrepreneur. He's the founder and Chief of Madness at Mad Hatter Agency (Now Launch Lab) because he couldn't hold down a "respectable" job. Launch Lab specializes in building movements around ideas using growth hacking strategies. Their office is located in the Innovation Pavilion in Centennial CO.

Eli sees crowdfunding as the future and is positioning his company to be a thought leader in the space of taking innovative companies to market via the crowd. He's personally crowdfunded over $1 million on various crowdfunding platforms including Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Big on building social capital for his clients, Eli has personally met and worked with some of the greatest minds on the planet including Apple Founder Steve Wozniak, Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales, Internet Inventors Larry Roberts and Vint Cerf, 8 Latin American Presidents, and many many more. He has a degree from Hard Knocks University on Social Engineering and a Masters in The Art Of The Hustle.

Eli also started a grassroots political movement with two other friends that boasts over 500k Facebook fans and has been featured on the Washington Post, Fox, CNN, and other politically charged and seldom correct media outlets.

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Here are a few of Eli's crowdfunding tutorials from his Youtube Channel

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