From trash-picker to Director for Warner Brothers show Smallville, now creating media for good, Chris Petry


Content Director at Redline Interactive

Christopher comes from a background in film and television with over 15 years of experience as a Producer and Director of various movies and TV shows including producing and directing the popular
Warner Brothers series "Smallville" and the award winning feature film "Marilyn".
As a member of the Directors Guild of Canada, Christopher has taken home numerous festival awards and nominations as a Director, Writer, and Producer of various Independent films. Christopher eventually shifted from film and TV into online content marketing and became the Creative Director and CEO of the publicly traded company Intelimax Media Inc. From then he joined Redline and became a creative content director, taking the lead on several extremely successful content campaigns. Working on everything from creative vision to marketing strategy – his goal is to raise awareness, grow donations and execute initiatives for various Non Profits with his team at Redline Interactive Ltd.

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Behind the scenes on the Smallville set, click to enlarge