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Justin Kamine

Justin Kamine has been at the forefront spearheading the sustainable and environmentally progressive technologies, products and food movements for the past 8 years. To date KDC his family office has developed over $3.5B of national infrastructure partnering with the likes of GE, Princeton University, Diamond Castle, Chinese Development Bank and many more. They pioneered the independent energy markets, the deregulation of the telecom industry (as their platform carried 1/3 of the nations dial-up), and developed, owned and operated over 700 megawatts of natural gas cogeneration and solar projects.

He is a founding member of the Forbes Impact Summit and sits on the gala committees for Blue Sphere a non-profit group focused on protecting ocean fish populations by creating safeguarded areas and the Resolution Project which is a global social impact program that has worked with social entrepreneurs across 50+ countries directly benefiting over 600,000 people.  

Justin was also honoured with the 2017 Presidential Award for commitment to social impact and sustainability and is an advisor to Pope Francis’s social sustainable initiative focused on finding economically viable solutions to the world’s problems put on at the Vatican called The Laudato Si Challenge.

Justin has committed his life and dedicated his career on proving the theory that environmentally sustainable investments and technologies can progress society while still providing better than normal financial yields.  

You can also follow him on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

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