Hi-Power Cycles Founder - Chris Hunt

Episode 246, Chris Hunt

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Chris Hunt

Hi-Power Cycles, LLC was founded in 2008 by brothers Chris and Derek Hunt.  Since 2008, we have formed an incredible team made up of engineers, e-bike enthusiasts, top-tier mechanics, and professional bike athletes to push the limits of what our electric bikes can do.  Every product you see on our website has been not only vetted by our engineers, but has also been field tested in real world applications by our professional riders to stand up to and handle the toughest situations. Unlike other e-bike manufactures, were are not simply "throwing together" pre-fab bikes using inadequate components for the rigors of high speed riding. Instead we meticulously craft each bike from the ground up in our Los Angeles warehouse with an incredible attention to detail and pride. Every single component has been hand selected by our knowledgeable team to offer the best overall performance and unparalleled fit and finish compared to our competition.  Each hand crafted bike proudly displays the signature of the highly skilled mechanic who lovingly built that bike. We love what we do and love making our customers happy!

authorLee Lasrich