From Single Mom Start Up To Successful Sale of Her Company - Jane Ann Craig

Episode 208, Jane Ann Craig

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Jane Ann Craig

An investor and advisor for starts up to multimillion dollar companies, board member to profit and nonprofit organizations, inspirational and motivational speaker, Jane Ann is known for her expertise in the startup, growth and acquisition of multiple insurance, provider network, administrative and service related companies.

Unexpectedly, Jane Ann found herself a widow, single mom and sole provider for her 2 year old son. With the mission of being a present and engaged mom, she left her job of 16 years and created a stock offering, raising startup capital to launch her first business. 

That one business grew to four companies which were ultimately acquired by Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina and Companion Life Insurance Company. She continued to serve in the capacity of President and CEO of each of the companies until stepping down in 2016 to found Jane Ann Craig International, a company dedicated to helping others to achieve their goals, dreams and visions.

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