Benefits of Workplace Democracy, from Elected CEO Kelly Max

Kelly Max, Episode #142/143

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Co-Founder, President & CEO, Haufe US

Kelly Max is co-founder, president, and CEO of Haufe USA, Inc. He joined Haufe in 2013 to work with creative and experienced Haufe teams on the development of products and services that help CHROs to build fluid,  intrapreneurial organizations to meet the demands of the modern workplace. Kelly relocated to San Francisco in early 2014 to extend the Haufe brand into the U.S., using the Haufe team as living proof of the promising concept of intrapreneurship.

“My mission in life is to bring people's work experience to a new level - and that means everyone. My vision of the happiest, most productive, most successful worker is the intrapreneur. They are empowered within their organization to act and develop with great autonomy for the benefit of the group. I am dedicated to the idea of intrapreneurship, with which I aim to help companies tackle the biggest business challenge of all: to attract, engage, inspire, and retain the top talent they need to be leaders in their industries. To find the best, and then help the best get better every day.”

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