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Linda Galindo, Episode 014

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Linda Galindo helps executive leaders realize their definition of success by applying a unique, dynamic, transformational approach to personal accountability. Using her validated, proprietary Accountability Assessment with senior leaders, Linda customizes relevant leadership retreats and coaching to ensure leadership team effectiveness. Her highly regarded approach with leadership talent increases leadership effectiveness individually and collectively in an organization.

Linda is a former radio news personality, turned author, educator, and keynote speaker. Her management consulting firm specializes in accountability education to high potential leaders across industries including healthcare, government, financial services, energy, technology and non-profits.

Galindo is the author of Way to Grow! (2003), The 85% Solution; How Personal Accountability Guarantees Success – No Nonsense, No Excuses (Wiley, 2009), The Accountability Experience Facilitator's Guide Set (Wiley, 2010). She co-authored Where Winners Live - Sell More, Earn More, Achieve More Through Personal Accountability (Wiley, 2013)

Faculty Member for The Governance Institute and The Institute for Management Studies.
Past Board Member the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) Center for the Public Trust (2005-2011).

Specialties: Personal and organizational accountability Assessment, session design and facilitation for executive-level (leadership) groups or teams.
Executive Coaching
High-Performance Accoutability-Based Team Building

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