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Matt Bodnar, Episode #138/139

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Creator & Host, Science of Success Podcast;
Partner, Fresh Hospitality; Fresh Technology; Fresh Capital

My mission in life is to unleash human potential.

Humanity has so much untapped potential it's amazing. We are so blinded by ignorance, confusion, our own biochemistry, the biological limits of the mind, and much more - but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I want to help humanity embark on a journey of enlightenment towards worldly wisdom, towards being better versions of ourselves. To think better, see and understand the world better, and to grow and be better.

The Dalai Lama was once asked, "how can I be happy in a world filled with so much suffering?" - his answer was a question - “Who can you help if you’re unhappy?"

There is potential for everyone - every person - on this planet to become a better version of themselves. I believe everyone has something beautiful to offer the world. 

That's what my whole life is about: the acquisition of wisdom, the path to unleashing the latent potential inside every single person to make our world better and to make themselves better, to break free from fear and anxiety, to live happy and fulfilling lives, and to make the most of of our time here on earth.

That unifying missions ties together a lot of seemingly unrelated activities - everything from the venture capital firm, Fresh Hospitality, in which I am a partner, to my podcast, The Science of Success, where we dig into the science and the methodology behind what makes people successful.

The mission is the same - the ways that mission takes shape in the world will always be changing and growing.

Jess Larsen