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Senior Partner, InfoSys;             Founder,

I’m Jeff Kavanaugh, a Senior Partner at Infosys, one of the world’s largest consulting firms with over $9bn a year in revenue and a market cap in the 11-figures.

I’m a part-time farmer, history buff, and tennis fanatic. But my real passion is consulting.

Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of companies to improve their processes and facilitate massive growth, and with thousands of consultants to help them develop their consulting careers.

About My Blog

Every spring, recruiting season begins. I travel to schools around the country and speak to young would-be consultants. Most are smart and have good grades, but lack the practical skills they need to start strong and accelerate their careers.

Whenever I speak with students, they ask what they can do to prepare, and to improve. I just don’t have enough time to cover everything I want to tell them. exists to share with you the same lessons I teach to up-and-coming consultants through my work every day. It contains all the tips, techniques and wisdom that consultants need to learn the skills necessary to thrive in their work.


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