Bringing the Fight to Human Trafficking - Jeff T.

Jeff T., Episode #128/129

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Chief Operations Officer, Guardian Group

Imagine that you’re speaking with your child one day and the very next day, they are missing. Seems impossible, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this is the grave reality of human trafficking. The predators don’t care what city you live in, or how safe you think you are, because if you have what they want, your family is at risk.

Guardian Group was created to alleviate this risk. Our team draws upon decades of experience fusing intelligence and operations to achieve counter network effects against human sex-trafficking in the U.S. Our focus is on predators and networks specifically involved in child sex-trafficking, with the intent to gain an offensive advantage against this problem.

While the rescue and recovery of children is paramount, with the offensive advantage, we are able to disrupt the exploitation cycle before rescue is necessary!