CEO of the Most Amazing Bank in the Country - Andrei Cherny

Andrei Cherny, Episode #122/123

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CEO & Co-Founder, Aspiration

Andrei Cherny has spent nearly twenty years working to make the financial system more open and fair. He combines a background as an advisor to some of America's top companies, the co-founder and president of a media start-up, a financial fraud prosecutor, a historian, a White House aide, a Navy reserve officer, and a nationally-recognized economic policy expert. Andrei has provided strategic counsel to companies such as Intel, Qualcomm, and Bank of America. He launched and grew Democracy Journal to one of the most widely read idea journals in America. There, he helped start the successful fight for the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. A former Clinton White House aide, he was the youngest White House speechwriter in American history. His 2000 book, The Next Deal, showed how business and government would be transformed by people's demands for more and better choices. He is also the author of the The Candy Bombers. He graduated from Harvard University and from the University of California Berkeley law school.

Aspiration was born to be the investment firm for the middle class — to bring you the investment products that once were out of reach, to give you the trust you deserve, and to both build value and honor your values at the same time.

Profits are important. But what sets Aspiration apart is the belief that people are too. It is the foundation of who we are: making elite investments available to everyday investors so that they can reach their own dreams and goals, treating our customers like partners we trust to do what is right, building a movement around the idea that you can make money and make a difference at the same time, and creating best-in-class education that is made for human beings, not human calculators.

When people come together around shared values, it's not a company — it's a community. That's what Aspiration is all about.

Jess LarsenTech Leader