LAPD Veteran helps combat Human Trafficking after Entrepreneurial Endeavors - Marc Evans

Marc Evans, Episode #112/113

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LAPD Lieutenant, Vice Coordinator, OVB

Marc Evans, a 19-year veteran lieutenant with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), has conducted more than 4,000 sex trafficking-related investigations. During his extensive career, Marc spent many years working undercover, investigating pimping, pandering, prostitution, sex slavery and other heinous crimes. From operating as an undercover vice officer in Hollywood along the world famous Sunset Strip, to his supervisory role as the officer-in-charge of an LAPD Vice Unit, Marc has gained invaluable knowledge of sex trafficking-related crimes.

Marc shares his vast professional expertise to expose the inner workings of domestic sex trafficking and its role in the rapid expansion of forced prostitution that occurs on your local streets and behind the doors of brothels posing as legitimate businesses in your community. Marc’s raw and gut-wrenching experiences may shock your conscience. However, it is his belief that a shocked conscience can help a society understand the horrific acts associated with those who are selling the daughters of America.

Marc is a graduate of Saint Leo University where he earned a bachelor's degree in criminology and a master's degree in critical incident management. He is an adjunct instructor at Antelope Valley College and has been featured on various television series that include, MSNBC Investigates, Cops and LAPD-Life on the Beat. Marc was also awarded LAPD’s prestigious Life Saving Medal.

Mr. Evans frequently speaks at colleges, community events, public outreach programs, law enforcement training seminars and works as a consultant for a variety of professional groups.

Jess Larsen