How did he help his clients get over $54 million from Kickstarter?

Zach Smith, Episode #44

Cofounder at Funded Today

A Successful serial entrepreneur and co-founder of the world's largest crowdfunding agency, Funded Today, LLC. They have raised over $30,000,000 USD and counting for over 200 Clients. 

In addition to Funded Today, Zach Smith owns and operates several successful and small businesses. Two of the businesses, Epic Profit Group, LLC, and AgileHG, LLC finished in the Top 3 at the prestigious Utah Student 25 Competition for 2011 and 2013. This means that out of all of the student-founded businesses, for 2011 and 2013, Epic Profit Group, LLC and AgileHG, LLC was the most profitable and most successful. 

His heart and passion have always been elsewhere, helping entrepreneurs, start-ups, and inventors create new businesses and market their ideas.

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