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Treion Muller, Episode #35

Author, Learning & Development Leader; Chief E-Learning Architect, FranklinCovey

As FranklinCovey’s Chief eLearning Architect, Treion is responsible for all online-learning development, initiatives, and strategies. In the eleven years he has been at FranklinCovey he has helped develop and launch several successful products, ranging from traditional ILT to FranklinCovey’s LiveClicks webinars, bite-size self-paced courses, and reinforcement apps. In a past life he was also a Corporate Trainer at America First Credit Union, and loves being part of the movement as an active Credit Union member.
Treion has a Masters degree in Instructional Design from Utah State University with an emphasis in Blended Learning. He is the co-author of, The Learning Explosion: 9 Rules to Ignite Your Virtual Classrooms and The Webinar Manifesto. In addition to his business books he has also authored three parenting books. Originally from South Africa, Treion has lived in Utah for the past twenty years, where he spends most of his “offline” time with his talented wife and five children.

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