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Our Team of Uncommonly High Achievers have real world experience with backgrounds working for the organizations whose logos are below. Our Senior Advisors reached the top of their fields with career backgrounds including:  

  • Private Equity CEO
  • Investment Banker
  • NY Securities Lawyer
  • Tier 1 Special Ops
  • Intelligence Officer
  • NBA Player
  • NHL Player
  • NFL Player
  • Fortune 500 Marketer
  • Head of Ops for $10 billion Energy Company
  • and others


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The US Special Operations Command synchronizes the planning of Special Operations and provides Special Operations Forces to support persistent, networked and distributed Global Combatant Command operations in order to protect and advance our Nation’s interests.

What USSOCOM Does: Civil Affairs, Counterinsurgency, Counterterrorism, Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction, Direct Action, Foreign Humanitarian Assistance, Foreign Internal Defense, Hostage Rescue and Recovery, Military Information Support Operations, Security Force Assistance, Special Reconnaissance, Unconventional Warfare, Preparation of the Environment.

- Strategy Advisor to Sr. Leader

- The Influential Leader Masterclass

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The Laudato Si’ Startup Challenge, inspired by Pope Francis is a global initiative, an urgent call-to-action, that encourages early to mid-stage startups to grow their breakthrough solutions to the world’s boldest challenges. 

- Strategy Advisor to Founding Partner

- Introductions to Billionaires

- Sourced media production donation

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More clients


$8bn Transit Agency

- Strategy Advisor to CEO & VP's

- Masterclasses

Marketing Agency of Fortune 5 Company

- Strategy Advisor to CEO

- Masterclasses


90,000 Staff, $13bn Company

- Strategy Advisor to Program Lead


$1Bn+ Investment Fund

- Strategy Advisor to CEO + COO

$1bn Public Co.

- Strategy Advisor to Market Leaders

- Masterclasses

City of New York Agency

- Strategy Advisor to Assistant Commissioner

- Masterclasses



Programs & Pricing



The Influential Leader - 3 Day

$18,995 (+ Travel)

Discover Excellence - 2 Day (Shingo Model)

$1,400 / class member  



Strategy Advisor Calls

Strategy Advisor Weekly Calls For CEOs & Sr. Executives


Train The Trainer Bi-monthly Mentoring Calls



Myelin Membership & Masterclasses

Annual Membership:

$2 per Member per month. (billed annually)

Enterprise (500+ Memberships):

$1 per Member per month. (billed annually)



For questions or additional details please call us (435) 602-1351 or write:


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