We built Myelin so that we could afford to combat child trafficking & exploitation.  

Its not an accident that so many of our Sr. Advisors at Myelin have backgrounds as Tier 1 Special Ops, the FBI, and Intelligence Officers.  We met most of them working on this cause and later talked them into becoming consultants a Myelin.


We hope you will consider helping Child Rescue.

In 2010 Myelin's founders started the 501(c)3 charity in 2010 and not only do we continue to contribute to it the team at Myelin volunteers time working on it and even invites clients to help with things like going to visit the children at the aftercare facility we helped bulid in Cusco Peru.

Child Rescue combats child sex trafficking at home and globally, through aftercare, youth prevention campaigns at home here in US and Canada and law enforcement assistance programs (including undercover rescue missions). Please watch the video below, and check out the website www.HelpRescueAChild.org