Myelin's Sr. Advisors: 

"Only those who have done, teach at Myelin"



Jess Larsen

    • Mergers & Acquisitions, Citigroup

    • As 28yr old CEO raised $27m for own Private Equity/Growth Capital Fund 
    • Founded 12 businesses & 501(c)3 Charity called Child Rescue.


    Peter D.

      • Operator, Army Special Mission Unit

      • Naval Special Warfare, SWCC


      Jeff T.

        • Lt. Col. Ret., Army Special Mission Unit

        • Army Special Forces
        • Army Rangers


        Dan I.

        • Operator, Army Special Mission Unit


        Tom B.

        • Operator, Army Special Mission Unit

        • Army Rangers


        Steven T.

          • Col. Ret, 23yrs Air Force Intelligence
          • DIA, Chief JRIP PMO


          Matt B.

          • Director, Space Dynamics Lab

          • 32yrs "Three Letter National Security Institution" Assistant Director, previously Director, President's Daily Brief


          Donnie M.

            • 22yrs FBI Hostage Negotiator, SWAT & Counter Intelligence

            • Air Force


            AMANDA R.

            • Continued "Government Work" 
            • 12yrs Marine Corp


            Josh H.

            • Continued "Government Work" 
            • Army Rangers


            Eric L.

            • Continued "Government Work" 
            • Army Rangers





            Nelson Soares

            • 25+yrs Wall Street investment banking
            • Managing Director, Credit Suisse
            • Managing Director, Lehman Brothers


            Josh Soloway

              • NY securities lawyer for $bn+ funds PWC

              • Led $2bn in fundraising  
              • currently licensed investment banker


              Lindsay Hadley

                • Founding Partner of The Laudato Si’ Challenge, the first ever Vatican blessed social impact fund

                • Producer of End oF Polio Concert - (Raised $118 million for polio eradication)

                • Producer of multiple years of Global Citizen Festival -  (Yr 1 raised $500m + additional $800m committed, next years were bigger)


                Taimur Jamil

                  • Founder Sol-Wind renewables fund

                  • Director, Merrill Lynch
                  • VP, Moodys



                  Jay Davis

                    • Youtube creator/producer with over 150 million views
                    • Entrepreneur 


                    Chad Lott

                      • Fortune 500 copywriter

                      • High Level Blogger
                      • Podcast Creator & Host


                      Joseph Knoop

                      • Influencer with 3.4 million followers
                      • US Navy Rescue Swimmer
                      • Volunteer Firefighter


                      PRO ATHLETES

                      Lance Allred

                      • Played with LeBron James on Cleveland Cavaliers as the first legally deaf player in the NBA
                      • TED Talk 4.6 million views
                      • Bestselling Author


                      Brad Mills

                      • New Jersey Devils
                      • Chicago Blackhawks
                      • Yale Hockey Team
                      • Director, Business Development 


                      BJ Larsen

                      • Buffalo Bills
                      • Mfg & Tech OPEX/CI Expert



                      Steve Wolfe

                      • 25 yrs VP Midstream $10bn Energy Company, (Grew his operations division form $300m to over $1bn, including OPEX/CI)


                      Jonathan Kennedy

                      • Health Care OPEX/CI, 4.1 million client organization
                      • Manufacturing OPEX/CI, Tesco
                      • Energy, OPEX/CI (now REPSOL)


                      Aaron Vigil

                      • OPEX/CI Boeing 737 fuselage production
                      • OPEX/CI Chiobani Foods
                      • OPEX/CI Glambia Foods
                      • OPEX/CI Conagra Foods